Our Programs


Our training program is tailored on twenty first century agriculture that embeds information communication technology integration as a tool for smart agriculture as well as conceptualizing farming as a business, a way to create wealth among rural population. The training program addresses cross-cutting challenges in production, marketing and business concept in the agriculture value chain with young farmers. Zero hunger can be achieved if more of our people are trained in production under conditions triggered by harsh climate change effects and limited financial resources. In the absence of accessible training opportunities where people can acquire skills in smart agriculture production, hunger will persist and poverty will remain an ever challenging nightmare for Africa vulnerable population.


The message of rebranding agriculture to the taste of youth must be designed and propagated using appropriate channels and methodologies that makes the message to get to the heart of policy makers, citizens and investors. Our LET FEED US CAMPAIGN speaks to the nation on the significance of prioritizing zero hunger by empowering youth directly to get involved in the agriculture value chain as a way to reduce hunger, youth unemployment and poverty. Looking at climate change as a major factor that is impacting global food production negatively, Agro Tech places major emphasis on climate action through the GREEN CAMPAIGN initiative. The GREEN CAMPAIGN raises awareness on farming and human induced actions that are affecting the environment which are having adverse effect on food production. Agriculture and agribusiness have enormous potential to bring about transforming the challenging   African developing economies. However, there is a gap in term of the continent realizing agriculture and agribusiness to be an opportunity to cross the poverty line.  The campaign is carried out on our social media platforms, radio production (Agribusiness Talks) and outreach activities. Join us let campaign for a world of zero hunger and a green environment that promotes good wellbeing.


The extension service provide is designed to bridge the information gap with young farmers who are trying to feed the nation but need capacity building through technology and knowledge transfer. Knowledge on Climate smart practices are paramount in making the young farmers realize yields that will give them some economic returns.

Climate Smart Agriculture(Farming)

Our youth in agriculture farm project is a ground for practical field experience for students and graduates of agriculture schools. The farm serves as climate smart agriculture training site for youth where members of our volunteer corps are exposed to climate smart agriculture knowledge for national food security and green environment.


Under our future green ambassadors program we have the Taking Agriculture to School Project (TASP) which is designed to expose high school students to career opportunities in the agriculture value chain and provide mentorship in crop production practices so that students at primary and secondary level will practically get involve into agriculture activities for career decisions in the agriculture sciences. In order to achieve zero hunger and strengthen Liberia’s food security, the young people must be nurtured in the agriculture sciences, a way to create more young agriculture professionals for the sector. Under the program, the students at targeted schools are led to make school’s garden at the schools where they are exposed to practical crop product skills that will lead some of them to get involve in to crop production at their various homes.