Agro Tech Volunteer Corp

Liberia agriculture sector needs more professionals who have the technical know how to control the biotic and abiotic factors in order to have sustainable food system. In bridging this gap, more professionals need to be produced with the requisite skills and experience to make the agriculture sector productive. However, agriculture institutions have been putting up graduates yearly to the job market but the major challenge has been employment opportunities. Many of the agriculture graduates are jobless or have turned to other careers in search of greener pasture due to the unavailability of decent and paid jobs in the sector. 

In promoting a vibrant agriculture sector that will attract young people and keep them in the green vicinity, Agro Tech Liberia launch the Agro Tech Volunteer Corps that will serve as a platform for the acquisition of practical field experience, internship opportunities, Mentorship and recommendation for volunteerism or employment to agriculture related institutions. 


  • Practical field experience for students of agriculture and recent graduates to prepare them for the job market.

  • Internship opportunities will be sought for member of the volunteer Corps so that they can practice at farm, agribusiness and agriculture institutions

  • Mentorship – members of the Corps will be mentored in business development skills, crop production and animal management skills as well as work ethics.

  • Recommendation – members of the Corps will benefit from recommendation opportunities to agriculture institutions who are seeking qualified and competent graduates or professionals